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About EveryPet


Our dog Jag is almost thirteen years old and was our first dog as adults. We had no idea where to even start with what to feed him, what to buy him, how to train him - we were clueless. Jag was eating the recommended food and grew a little too fast.

At ten months old he was almost twenty pounds overweight. He was a terrible itchy mess - always scratching and chewing at his paws and rear legs. Then the vet visits began. We had every possible test done to figure out what was wrong. Finally, an allergy panel revealed he had terrible allergies. He was allergic to rice, oats, barley, duck, peas, dandelion, grass, oak trees, maple trees, dust mites, horsehair and cockroaches (yes for real). Not knowing all of this we used 'soothing' oatmeal shampoo on him that made him even itchier. So we started him on allergy meds, changed his diet, did an insane amount of research on dog food, and learned a ton in the process.

We started behavior training (which is more about training us than them), learned about the benefits of crate training, positive reinforcement with treats, leashes, collars, and other fun things to do with him. He was our baby and we took him everywhere we could. We’d run errands, visit the beach, go out to breakfast and lunch, friends' houses, swimming in our family’s pool, and playing in the snow. If we could bring a dog he was going.

Along the way, not only did we learn a lot, but also realized that there was a flaw in the selection that most pet stores offer. With all of Jag's issues we were at the store often and not just one store, many. One store would have one item while another would have another or not carry the item we needed at all. Worst of all, the employees didn’t understand the product or where to even find products in the store. We were sick of having to make last minute trips to the pet store when we ran out of food, carrying 30 pounds of dog food around a store and out to the car. We knew that we weren't alone and that there had to be a better solution.

We started EveryPet to solve these issues. As pet lovers, we wanted to start a company to help other pet lovers (we also wanted to bring our pets to work with us). Fast-forward a few years later, another fur baby, two kids, and here we are: loving our life and what we do.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing our pets with the BEST. The best nutrition, supplies, gear, you name it. Simply because they deserve the best!

We believe in fantastic customer service. Life is busy, demanding, adventurous and amazing. Shopping should not add any stress to your life; it should be fun and enjoyable. We want to make things easier for our customers by giving them the best online shopping experience possible. This is why we have 365 day no hassle free returns, a huge selection of healthy products and quality supplies, all at great prices.